'Nduja Toast


Anyone else bored of avocado toast? Is it just me? Avocado toast only reminds me of lazy beachside brunching so I kind of struggle with it once the temperature starts to drop. So, now that it's cold you might as well swap it out for that other superfood - 'nduja.

Now, I’m not knocking avocado toast by any stretch, but sometimes a girl needs a little more spice in her life than a sprinkle of chilli and a squeeze of lemon over green mush on sourdough come the weekend. Cue, spicy, Calabrian spreadable salami. Warmed under a grill and topped with poached eggs and warm butter beans tossed in olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon zest, it makes for perfect Autumnal brunching.

This is hardly a recipe and more of an assembly job which also means it's perfect if you're really hungover, like I was. 'Nduja can be found at good Italian deli’s and if you’re in the UK you can usually find some through Natoora. There's loads of stuff you can do with it too, stuff it in some home made ravioli with some black olive tapenade and goat cheese, blob it over pizza or toss it with some chargrilled octopus in a salad, so don't feel its limited to just toast.

Your gonna need:
Eggs - poached or soft boiled
A tin of butterbeans or any lovely white bean you like.
1tbs each of chopped fresh parsley, basil oregano, chives
Olive oil
Lemon zest and juice - to taste
Salt and pepper
Pancetta, cooked until crisp (optional, but everything's better with bacon)

Drain your beans. In a small pan warm a tablespoon of good olive oil, add the beans, herbs and lemon zest, season and gently warm through. Lightly toast your bread, brush with olive oil and spread a thick layer of nduja over the top. Grill until the top looks a little crispy.
Top with the egg and spoon over the beans and garnish with leftover herbs and crispy pancetta. Smash it.